With more than 50 clinics that provide General Practice in the Dublin City Centre area, you have a lot of options when it comes to treatment. Of course, not all clinics are created equal. You want the best treatment possible. That’s why we have arranged a list of recommendations. These recommendations are all clinics with at least one General Practitioner staffed. These clinics are some of the best GP Dublin City Centre.

  1. Aungier Clinic

The Aungier Clinic is one of the few clinics you’ll find that is open through the lunch hours. They accept walk-ins at all times and offer a variety of different treatments to their patients. This includes travel health, vaccinations, STI screenings, STI treatment, and General Practice.  They are open every weekday starting at 8:30 am, except for Tuesdays when they open at 9:30 am.

Aungier Clinic is known for having a strong focus on women’s or mens health. Their practitioners can assist with a variety of concerns in this regard, such as contraception, planning a family, cervical checks, menopause assistance, and hormonal therapy. They have become one of the leading clinics in the area in regards to women’s health.

They also provide an exceptional antenatal care plan. They combined this plan with their Mother and Infant Care Scheme. The benefit of this combination is that pregnant patients can receive several free GP-based visits. Those free visits also include a 2-week checkup and 6-week checkup following the birth of the child. Aungier is also the ideal place to receive all of the necessary pregnancy vaccinations, such as the influenza vaccine and the pertussis vaccine.

Though they are most well known for their women’s care programs, Aungier Clinic provides excellent men’s care as well. They offer prostate screenings, testicular screenings, and treatments for erectile dysfunction. Combined with their pediatric care system, it’s possible to keep the entire family in good health at Aungier Clinic.

  1. Dublin City GP

Next on the list of recommendations is Dublin City GP. They are a GP provider with a straightforward name detailing exactly what their purpose is. Their leading General Practitioners, Dr. Michael O’Tighearnaigh, and Dr. James O’Neill have more than half of a century of experience in the field of medicine. They have dealt with countless illnesses and clinical problems on all ends of the severity spectrum.

Just like their name, their facilities were built with a single purpose in mind: GP. All of their equipment is state of the art and well maintained. All of their doctors, nurses, and administrative employees are highly trained professionals. Their office is open every weekday starting at 8:00 am and they remain open through the lunch hour.

Some of the typical services they provide outside of routine care include pediatrics, dermatology, women’s health, physiotherapy, and cardiographs. Dentistry is available on site as well as medical imaging.

Where Trinity Clinic specializes in women’s health, Dublin City GP specializes in sports injuries. Many athletes in the area and even in surrounding towns travel to Dublin City GP for assistance with previous or existing sports-related injuries.

  1. My Medical Lansdowne

My Medical is an already-large and growing medical practice with two locations in Dublin. They provide more than just GP services, but they excel so well in every regard that they outperform many clinics that provide only GP. It has been their massive success with their patients that has allowed them to become such a large provider of healthcare and one of the most highly recommended GP in the Dublin City Centre.

My Medical is open every weekday from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. They are also open on Saturdays from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm. Very few clinics in the area operate on weekend hours. My Medical strives to cater to the needs of their patients and it’s clearly visible in many of their features.

The GP services provided at My Medical can be broken down into a few categories. They offer walk-in GP services, specific nurse duties, vaccinations, sexual health services, and women’s health services.

The walk-in services are extremely popular because there is no need for an appointment and the doctor’s visit is a flat rate fee that’s very affordable. Their affordability is in no way a sign of their ability either. My Medical employs on the best doctors in the area. These doctors can treat a variety of conditions with their walk-in patients, including minor injuries, animal bites, cuts and burns, allergies, infections, fever, rashes, and vomiting, They can also provide STI screening, influenza vaccines, stitching, and even a full health screening.

There is also an exceptional sexual health clinic operated by My Medical. It provides STI/STD screening, education, and treatment options. They strive to make the subject comfortable and accessible so that patients aren’t afraid to address concerns.

All nurse duties are available on a walk-in basis as well and for an even lower fee than standard walk-in GP services. Available nurse duties include flu vaccinations, vitamin B shots, ECG, blood testing, pregnancy tests, and various other vaccinations. Walk-in nurse duties are only available from 9:00 am to 5:30 am during weekdays.

Finally, similar to Trinity Clinic, My Medical pays strong attention to women’s health. Some of their most common women’s health services include contraception, cervical checks, and breast exams. When it comes to contraception, their medical professionals will educate patients and help them choose the most appropriate contraception. Many first time patients have no idea there are so many effective options available to women today.

Every woman who lives in Ireland is allowed a free cervical check if they are between the age of 25 and 60. It’s highly recommended that you take the opportunity to receive this check at a clinic like My Medical if you are within this age range. This simple procedure could greatly reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer at a later age.

The Best Options In Dublin City Centre

Aungier Clinic, Dublin City GP, and My Medical are the three best GP providers in all of the Dublin City Centre. They are highly recommended by previous patients and medical professionals alike. Each clinic offers standard general practice procedures, but each has its own unique focus, such as sports injuries or women’s healthcare. Choose a clinic that best suits your needs.