While it may be common for you to ignore the chronic aches and pains of your daily life, some health issues should not be overlooked. As we age, these problems can become more frequent and dangerous to our health and state of being.

Here are some common health problems to watch out for. If you suffer from any of these issues, consider making an appointment with your primary care physician. For further information visit the Beacon Cosmetic Surgeons group.


If you ever develop chronic migraines, especially ones with auras or other types of sensory, you may want to look into the causes. Doctors have been known to warn patients that chronic migraines of this magnitude can make the patient susceptible to a stroke or heart attack.

The most important thing to note with migraines is the frequency in which you have them. If you are having migraines weekly, you have three times the risk of having a stroke compared to those who do not.

A way to assist your migraines without going down the path of medicine is to keep your cardiovascular system as healthy as possible. Take care to lower your cholesterol, and maintain a healthy relationship with your diet and exercise. If you drink or smoke, you need to attempt to limit this. For the treatment of migraine, CBD oil products have seen to help immensely.

High Blood Pressure

Paired often with diabetes, especially in obese patients, high blood pressure has been known to double the risk developing type 2. Regardless of your BMI, patients with elevated blood pressure still find themselves at the same risk if elevated over a long period of time.

The reason why the two are paired could be due to the high level of inflammation that happens within the body. It could also be because of malfunctions involving the inner lining of blood vessels. Researchers are still unsure while the two pair together so often.

If you are suffering from any mild types of hypertension, get tested for diabetes as soon as possible. Catching the disease before it becomes a problem can drastically help your life. There are many ways to lower your blood pressure. Lifestyle changes such as an increase in physical activity can also be a benefit.


Recent studies have revealed a shocking connection between patients with asthma and those with anxiety disorders. While it’s still widely debated, it is becoming more accepted over time as around 18% of patients with asthma also report some type of psychological issue.

It’s entirely possible that one may cause the other. The inability could trigger issues with anxiety or depression or vise-versa. Always seek help for any possibility of mental illness. There is no shame in trying to do what’s best for your body.