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Clinical instruction involves correlating the theory learned in the classroom with the performance of patient exams in the radiology department.

Students will be under the supervision of an ARRT registered radiologic technologists in each clinical area.

The clinical instructor will be with the students at the clinical site to assist as needed in the clinical experience. Students are prepared for the clinical experience through participation in demonstration labs, classroom instruction and via self-instructional materials provided for each.

The role of the radiographer has grown in complexity with the development of more sophisticated procedures and equipment in the field of Radiology. It is the philosophy of the program faculty to provide the students with optimum clinical experience and to ensure that the students have the opportunity to perform all routine types of radiographic procedures in the appropriate proportions. Furthermore, the philosophy of the program faculty is to provide demonstration, supervision, observation, counseling, and evaluation in the clinical setting whereby the student will effectively:

  • Apply knowledge of the principles of radiation protection for the patient, self, and others
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy, positioning, and radiographic technique, to accurately demonstrate anatomical structures on a radiographic image
  • Determine exposure factors to achieve optimum radiographic technique with a minimum of radiation exposure to the patient.
  • Examine radiographic images for the purpose of evaluating technique, positioning and other pertinent technical and pathological qualities.
  • Exercise discretion and judgment in the performance of medical imaging procedures.
  • Provide patient care essential to radiologic procedures.
  • Establish interpersonal communications with the patient and the other members of the health care team.
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