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Samuel J. Waterworth Building
1033 Turnpike Avenue
Suite 300
Clearfield, PA 16830

Outpatient Counseling Program
The Outpatient Counseling Program is designed to meet the individual needs of adult clients seeking mental health services.

Specific services provided by the program include:
Free confidential assessment and referral services
Initial Evaluations with a psychiatrist or physician assistant
Memory Impairment Evaluation Services
Group Therapy

The Program offers intensive outpatient treatment and periodic outpatient therapy based on the individual client’s needs. Group therapy is the preferred mode of treatment since it is our strong belief that interaction with others in addition to medication management assists clients in getting better more quickly. The Program does, however, provide some individual therapy on limited basis.

The Program also provides counseling to clients who only need periodic outpatient support. The therapy focuses on enhancing the personal skills and resources needed to foster independence, self-confidence and self-reliance. The multi-disciplinary treatment program focuses on the individual person to determine an individualized treatment and discharge plan. The plan includes recommendations for aftercare, follow up and community resources.

Physicians and Providers
Dingcong, Luisito, M.D.
Hipps, Holly, P.A.-C.

Inpatient Behavioral Health Services
Older adults face complex, profound life changes combined with medical problems that can cause a breakdown in emotional health. The inpatient behavioral health unit offers care to person 55 and over that need immediate intervention in a secure setting. Patients receive 24-hour supervision in a caring, therapeutic environment.

Psychiatric Assessment, Treatment and Stabilization
Group, Individual and Family therapy

Problems Addressed
Severe Depression
Suicidal Thoughts
Extreme Mood Swings
Acting-Out Behaviors
Excessive Anxiety
Homicidal Thoughts
Compulsive Disorders

2nd floor of Clearfield Hospital. Use Hospital main entrance and take elevators located across from the information desk to the 2nd floor.

Management Staff
Satish Amirneni, M.D., Medical Director
Lisa Rossi, R.N., Unit Manager

Assessment and Referral
Referrals are accepted from anyone concerned about the welfare of an individual. Individuals may inquire about services on their own behalf. Referrals may also be made by physicians, nurses, family members, clergy, nursing and rest homes, social workers or others concerned about the welfare of a given individual.

All referrals are assessed by a mental health professional that consults with the psychiatrist for approval for admission.Assessments are free and confidential. Staff provides clients with information on other agencies and/or providers in the area if the program is unable to meet their needs.

Insurance Coverage
Outpatient Services are covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Contact Information
To make a referral, please call us at 814.768.2184.
Outpatient inquires, please call the outpatient clinic at 814.768.2137.

For more information on Bright Horizons and its services, please call our Intake and Assessment Coordinator at 814.768.2137.

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