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Ralph A. Cardamone, MD, FACC, Medical Director

Director of Rehabilitation Services
Shelley Spicher

About Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Rehabilitation is designed to help individuals after heart attack and/or heart surgery. It is ordered by a patient's physician. Patients who qualify participate three times per week for up to twelve weeks.

Patients receive assistance with exercise and strengthening while receiving close monitoring of their heartbeat and pattern. They also receive counseling on reducing risks of other heart events such as how to eat healthy, how to sustain physical activity after the program, and how to control symptoms of heart disease. Cardiac disease can sometimes lead to emotional effects, and cardiac rehab can help individuals and their families cope with these issues.

The patient’s treatment sessions are guided by 2 exercise physiologists, who are directed by the program’s medical director, Dr. Ralph Cardamone.

Our staff is attentive, compassionate and competent.

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