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Thomas A. Carnevale, M.D., Medical Director

Healthy Beginnings Plus, a program offered by Clearfield Hospital, helps expectant mothers give their babies the best start in life. The program helps low-income pregnant women, eligible for medical assistance, receive medical care, education and support during and after pregnancy. Studies show that women who receive proper medical attention during pregnancy reduce the risk of premature birth and have stronger, healthier babies.

The Healthy Beginnings team is made up of physicians, nurses, administrative staff, social workers and a dietitian who are committed to providing personalized, high quality prenatal and postpartum health care.

Services available through Healthy Beginnings Plus are: 

Basic obstetrics service. Initial visits, routine office visits throughout pregnancy, delivery and postpartum follow-up care.

High-risk obstetrics and genetic risk identification services. Screening for high risk factors with referrals made to appropriate specialists if needed.

Prenatal and childbirth education. Clearfield Hospital offers prenatal education as part of its childbirth preparation classes. Topics discussed include labor and delivery, newborn care, CPR review, infant safety issues, parenting tips and how to recognize pregnancy complications. Mrs. Westover, certified lactation counselor, offers assistance with breastfeeding education.

Dietary counseling. A registered dietitian provides this service in the clinic.

Smoking cessation/substance abuse identification/referral: These issues are addressed during initial and clinic visits and referrals made to local services if indicated. Smoking cessation counselors are present during each clinic visit.

Parenting education program. In addition to parenting education in the childbirth program, Healthy Beginnings Plus offers parenting sessions in the clinic, facilitated by social workers.

Healthy Beginnings Plus is located in the Medical Arts Building, Suite 220, Clearfield Hospital. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Emergencies after hours and on weekends are handled by the Obstetrics Department.

To learn more about the program, please contact the office at (814) 768-2148.

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