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All visitors are to use the intercom in the visitors’ lounge to obtain permission to come into the Intensive Care Unit.

Visiting Hours Are:

Noon to 9 p.m., or at the discretion of the nursing staff. No more than two visitors per bed at one time for 10minute timeframes only. Children under 12 should not visit the ICU.

These times have been chosen not only to allow the nurses to assess and care for patients, but also to give the family members time to eat, rest and have breaks away from the hospital.

The Intensive Care Unit of Clearfield Hospital is a 12 bed, medical/surgical intensive care unit located on the fourth floor of the north wing of the hospital. It consists of two semiprivate rooms and eight private rooms. All patient areas have the capability of multiple lead EKG monitoring, respiratory rate, rhythm, monitoring arterial pressure, central venous pressure and pulmonary pressures. The purpose of the ICU is to deliver quality, safe, effective and appropriate care. The population of the unit consists of acutely ill adult, adolescent and pediatric patients who require the nursing care and specialized monitoring capabilities of the ICU

Hours of Operation

The unit operates on a 24 hour/day 365 days/year, divided into two shifts. There is a Nurse Manager who is responsible for the unit 24 hours a day. The Hospital Supervisor provides for supervision and staffing issues during the evening shifts as well as weekends and holidays. There is a Charge Nurse on each shift.

Highly skilled nursing staff

The nursing staff of the Intensive Care Unit consists of Professional Registered Nurses. Members of the nursing staff are required to:

Have graduated from an accredited school of nursing.
Possess a current PA nursing license.
Complete at least one or more years of medical/ surgical experience.
Complete a Critical Care Course.
Maintain current Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support certifications.

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