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Rodolfo S. Polintan, M.D., Medical Director

Director of Rehabilitation Services
Shelley Spicher

Certified speech-language pathologists are professionals who identify, evaluate and treat a wide range of speech, language and swallowing disorders in both children and adults.

Communication disorders can effect anyone at any age that may have existed from birth or resulted from an illness, accident, or disease.

Some typical communication disorders include:

  • Stuttering – the most commonly recognized speech problem
  • Articulation Disorders – difficulty making sounds correctly
  • Language Disorders – including comprehending spoken language or communicating
  •  thoughts and feelings
  • Aphasia – a language disorder caused by stroke, drug use, brain injury or illness
  • Voice  Disorders – apparent with people speak too high or low or when the qualify of  voice is affected.
  • Cognitive Disorders – common in adults after head injury or stroke.  These disorders  make it difficulty to think clearly, remember or problem solve
  • Swallowing disorders – know as dysphagia

Speech therapy services are available for both inpatients, outpatients and through home health.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of pediatric feeding services to provide diagnostic, treatment and consultation services for children with developmental, sensory and behavioral feeding disorders.  This program was created through a partnership between Brady’s Smile and Clearfield Hospital.


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