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The Swing Bed Program at Clearfield Hospital is here to provide short-term services to our patients who require some strengthening prior to returning home. We also provide short-term IV therapy, medical management and medication adjustment services.

What is a Swing Bed?
All of the beds on the Medical/Surgical floors at Clearfield Hospital are certified as swing beds under Medicare for the provision of skilled services. A swing bed is a bed that can be designated as a skilled bed for the purpose of providing skilled care without leaving Clearfield Hospital.

You may qualify for skilled services in a swing bed if your diagnosis and treatment plan meet Medicare’s standards.  Daily skilled nursing or rehabilitative services must be needed.

For rehabilitative services, you must show progress toward the goals that have been established by the physical, speech and/or occupational therapists and approved by your physician. Length of stay will vary from patient to patient based on the individual’s progress.

Discharge from a swing bed may include discharge to home with possible increased services such as Home Health, personal care home, or, if longer term of therapy is required, then to a skilled nursing facility. Skilled care benefits are available only after a three- day (three midnights) qualifying hospital stay, and/or within 30 days from date of discharge from hospital. If you qualify, Medicare will pay 100 percent up to 20 days except any charges that Medicare doesn’t allow.

All other insurances will be contacted by the Swing Bed Coordinator for authorization of skilled services prior to admission to a swing bed. Periodic updates of patient progress will be done by the Swing Bed Coordinator as determined by the individual insurance carriers. When you are admitted to a swing bed, you will be asked to sign a written notice regarding Medicare Coverage for Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my doctor see me every day?

No. The doctor is only required to visit once every seven days, although some doctors may visit more often.
If I have a problem and my doctor doesn’t see me every day, how will he or she know?
The nursing staff evaluates you daily and will notify the doctor of any changes or problems.

What will I be expected to do each day?

If therapies are ordered, goals will be set for you and your participation is crucial in obtaining those goals.

Do I need to bring clothes from home?

Yes, it is encouraged. Dressing yourself will assist the therapist in evaluating your ability to perform normal activities of daily living.

Do I need to bring my own medications?

No. Your medications are included.

Will I be able to leave the facility on a day pass for personal reasons or scheduled appointments?

Yes, if the appropriate leave of absence form is completed by your doctor. You must return before midnight on the same day.

Will the hospital provide transportation for appointments?

Only if the appointment is ordered by your doctor during your swing bed stay.

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