Keeping fit is the new mantra for all youngsters these days. No one likes to add an extra ounce of fat in their body and you work out for hours at the gym every day. You know all the exercises you have to do and the number of repetitions that are needed to keep you in shape. But what about those who are just starting with their initial gym sessions? There are zillions of people who are overweight and are in severe need of someone who will guide them with various exercises so that they can lose weight. Moreover, it is not just about the type of exercises; it is also about how you do them.

Many fitness enthusiasts are exercising in the wrong posture, and that can lead to an injury any day. This is one of the reasons why Darragh Hayes Fitness Dublin trainers have become so crucial in the lives of people. They are trained by the very best in the business and their experience and knowledge of fitness training are unmatched. You may find it lame to hire a fitness trainer considering the fact that there are countless videos on YouTube showing how the different exercises are done. But that is not the sole reason why a fitness trainer is hired. Here are some of the other reasons why you need to contact a Darragh Hayes Fitness Dublin trainer:

Guidance and motivation 

As someone who is looking to lose a considerable amount of weight, it can be quite challenging to follow the daily schedule of exercises. They seem to be an uphill task always and you feel like quitting as soon as you start. This is quite normal for everyone because the first few days of the routine are tough to follow. That is the time when a Darragh Hayes Fitness Dublin trainer will motivate you to overcome the laziness in you and start working out.

Having a fitness trainer is more than exercising and correct posture. If you are in a weight loss program, you will need some mental strength as well. Daily motivation and guidance from the trainer are required when you feel weak or during the times when you are close to completing the fitness goal but need an extra bit of confidence to cross the finishing line.

Creativity in the program 

If your gym session only consists of complicated moves and tough postures, you will automatically get bored after a couple of weeks. Darragh Hayes Fitness Dublin trainers come up with various creative programs that are essential to keep your mind fresh during the time of exercising. The primary objective is to make exercising a fun activity so that you look forward to it. There are various creative exercises that you will come to know about once the program starts. You will not find such unique exercises on YouTube, that’s for sure!


Best for aging people 

Those who have crossed 50 years are more susceptible to gaining fat than others. You are less likely to go to the gym every day and can eat the occasional cheesy food or sip an aerated drink. All these will increase your body fat and if this becomes a habit, you will become fat in no time at all. Also, going back to the gym will make you feel terribly uncomfortable as it is a place where youngsters are seemed to be filled with. What you can do is, hire a fitness trainer who will guide you with the best possible fitness program to get fit and healthy within a short period of time.

Fitness trainers do not have specific charts or programs in their mind for specific age groups. It is not like specifying a set of exercises and motivating the client to reach the fitness goal. The fitness trainer first analyses the age and fitness level of the client before suggesting any exercise. Over-exercising is also not healthy for the body. So, there has to be a balance between your age and your ability. This is what the trainer will decide as to the type of exercises that will suit you at your age.

Great for long-term benefits 

Those who have started to train with a fitness trainer from a very early age will reap the benefits from their training when they grow old. The trainer is responsible for bringing the discipline into your life that will help to keep you fit for an extended period of time. You may not need a trainer after a couple of years but the habits that grow with the routines set by him/her is what will keep you going even when you are old. The improvement in the quality of life you will lead in the future will have its roots from the time when you had a fitness trainer to guide you with all the nuances of keeping healthy. Staying healthy physically and staying healthy mentally are both parts of the program that the trainer will try to feed in your brain.

Keeping away from injury 

Probably one of the best reasons for having a fitness trainer by your side is to avoid any kind of injury while you exercise. Injuries can happen when you are not exercising in the right posture or inattentive at the time of learning. You will not want to spend a week at home just because you slipped at the time of exercising. The fitness trainer will guide you in a way so that you don’t get yourself injured. Even if you get injured accidentally, he/she will come up with different massages and therapies that will drive the injury away and you can start exercising soon.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially if you are looking to exercise without any supervision. Videos may help you understand what the exercise will do to your body but it is a trainer who can show you the exact way to execute those moves. Most importantly, you will need someone who will constantly motivate you to exercise because as easy as it may seem, exercising can be a daunting task for many.