Cannabidiol is a hot topic at the moment, but the commercial uses of these products is still a topic that is under development. From the ingredient to exploring the different options on how to package cannabidiol products, here is a brief introduction to answer some of the questions you may have.

A Brief Introduction To Cannabidiol 

Today there are multiple manufacturers that use cannabidiol which also goes by the name of CBD as the main ingredient in various consumer products. Since this subject has become a growing trend, here is a bit about the basics and what are the best practices to package these products.

What Is Cannabidiol? 

CBD is a highly prevalent chemical compound which is present in cannabis plants. Yet, this should not concern you as unlike THC which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. Instead, this particular compound has started to show a dramatic potential for a number of health and medicinal products.

The Medicinal Uses Of Cannabidiol 

Among the various areas whereby cannabidiol has shown potential, it has displayed more of a promise within these areas and is more commonly utilized as:

  • An anti-inflammatory agent
  • An anti-seizure medicine
  • An anti-tumor medicine
  • An analgesic
  • A stress reliever and mood booster

Personal Care And Beauty Products That Contain Cannabidiol 

The personal care and beauty brands have undergone a significant boom in association with the products that contain cannabidiol. This is mainly due to cannabis exhibiting antioxidant properties that are extremely powerful. When consumers decide to use the cannabidiol products, they benefit from these products that are directly absorbed into their hair, nails, and skin.

Packaging Cannabidiol Products  

Even though the packaging specialists have gone onto learning much about cannabidiol, they are still not classified as experts when it comes to the ingredients. However, with their main focus dedicated to packaging, they aim to assist customers in the finding of the industry insights when it comes to CBD products.

Here are a number of factors to consider before you package CBD products: 

– Packaging Personal Care And Beauty Products 

When it comes to personal care and beauty products, customers are offered with similar packaging choices as those that do not feature this ingredient. This will include jars, tubes, airless pumps, and a lot more.

– Packaging Cannabidiol Oils 

In most cases, dark and cool places will provide adequate protection for these oils. It is recommended to choose either amber glass or any other dark coloured glass to provide the necessary protection.

– Locking In Freshness  

To make sure the freshness of the product is locked-in, it is always wise to consider the double-walled jars, which offers an effective barrier.

Top Facts About Cannabidiol Products Before You Buy

Below are a few facts that you will probably find interesting, especially if you are only just starting to learn about CBD.

1. Cannabidiol Is One Of Two Primary Ingredients In Cannabis 

Cannabis is most often regarded as a type of recreational drug, due to its better-known variant is known as marijuana. However, what you might not be aware of is that in marijuana there is one specific component known as THC which gives the users a high, there happen to be more than 100 other cannabinoids such as CBD which have differing effects on the mind and the body.

There are various cannabis strains, which each has its own concentration of THC and CBD, which are the main compounds found in cannabis. An example of this includes industrial hemp, which is one of the tall-growing cannabis varieties, is grown specifically to be just about completely free of THC.

2. CBD Is Non-Psychoactive 

While there are a variety of differences when comparing CBD and THC, the more obvious that is always advertised and promoted is the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive. This is the determining factor which has made CBD legal in every state in the US, along with around 100 other countries across the globe.

3. The Benefits Of CBD Are Many 

Even current research has only begun to scratch the surface, cannabidiol is used already with successful and beneficial results for improving stress levels and mood, sleep support for people that suffer from conditions such as insomnia or who struggle to stay asleep throughout the night, joint support when it comes to inflammation and pain, along with a number of other benefits. Today, you can find CBD products in a number of sizes, forms, and shapes, which are suitable for people of all ages which include young children and the elderly. In fact, there is even a significant range of cannabidiol-based products dedicated to pets found online and a number of health and pet stores.

4. Cannabidiol Negates Effects Of Psychoactive THC

People who use recreational marijuana and especially a person that is experiencing anxiety might suffer from an increase in stress levels and paranoia. This is a common characteristic when it comes to THC, it can cause the mind to become more aware in association to insignificant details which can blow up to an extreme proportion, which can result in inappropriate behavior. When compared to CBD, it brings about an opposite reaction.

5. CBD Is Not Only Smoked 

Many people are under the impression that CBD, similar to THC should be smoked. However, today this product is available in many forms. You can purchase these products in vape oils, concentrates, chews and CBD capsules. One of the other products includes CBD tinctures, which are administered in drops using a dropper.

There is still much that still needs to be uncovered about CBD. Ongoing research has given us a bit more insight into how cannabidiol has an effect on humans and we are now able to use some of their properties to our full advantage. However, there are still unrealistic and negative images that cloud CBD due to its link to marijuana. Today there are many reliable manufacturers that produce a variety of CBD products that can assist with a number of health issues and to achieve general health.